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In San Francisco With D&S

In San Francisco With D&S

On Saturday, D's friends D&S from Denver came out to visit and see the sights in San Francisco.  I took a few pics.

We begin at the Palace of Fine Arts, a holdover from the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition to show the world how San Francisco had recovered from the 1906 earthquake and fire.  It is full of beautiful architecture and statues.

It also has lots of birds in its lagoon, including gulls and a swan family.

We pop in to look at a collector car show next door, where we see classic cars and unique designs, such as a 1954 Messerschmitt KR175 and a 1957 BMW Isetta 300 ("the rolling egg").

Our next stop is the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

We touch Hopper's Hands (and Paws) at its base -- a reminder that the bridge is only a turning point, not a dead end.

Then we visit Ft. Point, a Civil War-era fort built to protect San Francisco harbor from Confederate and, later, foreign attack.  We see the parade ground (with wedding party), an officer's room, the defunct lighthouse above the barbette tier, and the view northwest over the Pacific.

After dinner at Herbivore, we head downtown to The Embarcadero to look at the Bay Lights.  While waiting for twilight, we take a look at Fire Station 35's Guardian fireboat, quirky sculpture Cupid's Span, and the full moon rising behind the Bay Bridge.

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