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Brisbane Crocker Park Trail

Brisbane Crocker Park Trail

On Saturday D. and I had an errand to do in San Francisco, and on the way back we took a walk along the Crocker Park Trail, where volunteers have been restoring a large breeding habitat for the Pacific chorus frog in a former railroad ditch near some warehouses in Brisbane.  Here are some pics I took.

The trailhead and signs.

Fennel, clarkia, hawksbeard and birdfoot trefoil.

The restored ditch where the frogs breed.

Centaury, water parsley, gum plant with bee and sneezeweed.

An old railroad tunnel is festooned with graffiti.

Seed pods of broom are backlit by the afternoon sun.

A historic building, this old icehouse is now part of the reconditioning facility of a used industrial machinery and equipment company.

And the machinery company's junk lot is full of rustalicious broken equipment to explore.

Right next to the rusty junk is the Union Pacific train tracks, used by both freight trains and Caltrain commuter trains.   The signal lights spanning the tracks are on a structure called a signal bridge.

Across the tracks is a tank farm, full of jet fuel, ethanol, gasoline and diesel fuel.

Pincushion flowers are blooming all along the tracks.

A raven circles overhead as the sun sinks lower in the afternoon sky.

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