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Guadalupe River Park

Guadalupe River Park

On Saturday D. and I took a walk through the Guadalupe River Park in San José, and here are some of the pics I took.

Purple milkweed flowers and floofy seed pods at the visitor's center.

At the confluence of Los Gatos Creek and the Guadalupe River, a great blue heron observes the waters.

It's a trap.  Earlier this year wildlife biologists observed beavers in the vicinity (for the first time in 150 years).  We suspect they want to catch then tag and release them.

Some of the public art in the park, "Remembering Agriculture" is a nod to the agrarian past of the region.

A flotilla of ducks in the river.

The river as it runs through downtown San José, with Highway 87 in the background.  The slightly deeper slot in the center of the concrete channel is to accommodate migrating fish during periods of low flows.

Where there is water, there are Canada geese.

Cabbage butterfly, nutsedge and California poppy.

The river and a bypass inlet for flood control.

Fish silhouettes decorate railing along the river.

The surrounding high-rises of downtown are never far away.

More public art, "Prepare For Takeoff."  The park is in the landing flight path of Mineta San José International Airport, just a little over a mile away.  Every few minutes a plane roars overhead.

A feral cat explores the bushes across the park.

Elderberries grow near the river's edge.

One of several directional mosaics positioned in various plazas in the park.

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