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Coyote Creek: Montague To Brokaw - Pahavit's Universe — LiveJournal

Date: 7-25-2013 12:17 AM
Subject: Coyote Creek: Montague To Brokaw
Security: Public
Tags:bird, cat, coyote creek, doll, field trip, floof, flower, fungus, graffiti, great blue heron, junk, mushroom, san jose, tank farm, walnut
Coyote Creek: Montague To Brokaw

On Saturday D. and I returned to Coyote Creek to walk the unofficial trail (the flood control levee) between Montague Expressway and Brokaw Road, taking us past light industrial facilities and a few homeless encampments, and I took some pics.

Mushrooms sprout up at a nearby office park.  They are overwatering their parking strip.

A great blue heron soars overhead.

Floof of seed heads; ripening walnut; castor bean plant.

We find a headless 15" tall geisha doll alongside the trail.

A tank farm, full of aviation fuel, ethanol, gasoline and diesel fuel.

Coyote Creek near Charcot Ave., and graffiti under the bridge.

One of several rock piles behind a small light industrial park.  This one's certified, apparently.

A juvenile scrub jay sits on a branch while its parent scolds us from nearby.

Leaf pox?  These red bumps are actually galls created by tiny mites laying eggs in arroyo willow leaves.

Elderberry flowers.

One of several homeless encampments along the creek, and a feral cat feeding station.

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