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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 11-13-2006 3:06 PM
Subject: When My Cat Patrick Had A Dream
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Tags:cat, dream, patrick
When My Cat Patrick Had A Dream

two birds, right above my nose
i'm twisting around and swiping
and biting
got one!
swiping, got one

i'm running.
running on sand.
paws are slipping, can't get a grip.
now there's eyes behind me.
eyes chasing me. gotta run.
paws are slipping, can't get a grip.
ground tilting, almost straight up
i'm falling down into the eyes

man keeps grabbing me
poking me with something
picks me up, ooh i can't feel the floor under my paws, oh help me

[hackles up]

[wakes up]

mother?-- (where's the sky? where's the ground?)
mom? where am i? what's --

oh mom, i had a bad dream
ooh, what strange places and things!

pet me softly, ok?
give me a kiss on my head
tell me how i'm your good friend
rub my chest
let me feel your low voice murmur in my ears

your lap is so warm.
i'm glad you're here, mom.

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