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Guadalupe River Trail: Taylor St. to I-880

Guadalupe River Trail: Taylor St. to I-880

On Saturday D. and I returned to the Guadalupe River Park in San José to walk the trail for a couple of blocks, because I'm still quite weak and we needed a flat place to go without any hills.  At this time of year the river runs in separate braided channels due to low summertime flows.  We found our way onto one of the islets of temporarily dry land in between the channels, and I took some pics.

Taylor St. overpass.


Shallow, sluggish channel.

Path through the oak, arroyo willow and cottonwood trees.

Hawksbeard floof.

Oak galls are formed by a tiny wasp laying her eggs on oak leaf buds.

Milk thistle floof.

Hedding St. overpass.

Someone stuck a Nuttall's woodpecker wing feather into a stump.


A child-sized fancy shoe, carried by old flood waters and deposited here.

The end of the islet where the 2 channels converge, just south of where Interstate 880 crosses the river.  We are now surrounded by water on three sides.  We must turn around and go back.

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