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Arboretum; Shakespeare Garden; Odd Ducks; a Labyrinth

Sunday's field trip: Arboretum, Shakespeare Garden, Odd Ducks, a Labyrinth

Sunday D. and I went here and there in SF.

We looked at some stuff in the Arboretum.

Here I am looking pensive on this autumn day in the Arboretum.

Then we went to the Shakespeare Garden, full of all the plants Shakespeare mentioned in his plays and sonnets and stuff.

Here's looking down the path into the garden.

Here's me contemplating the passing of time at the sundial.

Then we went to Lloyd Lake and saw the usual pigeons, mallards, coots and seagulls.  We saw some American widgeons too.

Also there was this strange fellow:

It's a Muscovy duck. They are not usually found north of Mexico, so it was very unusual to see him here. Up close his plumage was beautiful, with deep blue, dark green, charcoal gray and startling white. But his head was pretty ugly.

We went to Land's End and walked the Coast Trail. Beautiful scenery, as usual. We found the labyrinth on the cliffs above Mile Rock Beach and walked it, with the Golden Gate Bridge on one side and the sun sinking into the Pacific on the other. The center of the labyrinth appeared to have someone's ashes in it, along with a few wildflowers, a small wreath of seaweed, a tangerine, a BART ticket, a couple of lighters and the remains of some candles. Dolphins were cavorting in the ocean below. Soon the fog began to thicken and the air grew chilly as we followed the trail back. Night crept over the city on our long ride home.

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