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Guadalupe River Park

Guadalupe River Park

On Saturday D. and I took a walk in the Guadalupe River Park in San José, and I took some pics.

We begin near the bright purple Children's Discovery Museum, where a kiddie tram goes by and we inspect a giant statue of a prehistoric mammoth.

Tens of thousands of years ago, Columbian mammoths roamed the ancient Santa Clara Valley.  Some of their bones have been dug up nearby.  They ranged up to 13' tall and weighed up to 9 metric tons.

It is peaceful near the river in spite of being under the landing path for nearby Mineta San José International Airport.

Somebody must have had a really good time that their lei wound up in the branches of this tree on the riverbank.

Pretty flowers and an interesting pedestrian bridge over the river.

Sculptures of coyote and hummingbird, figures from Aztec mythology.

A stretch of trail passes under Highway 87.

Itchy duck is itchy.

Tagger litter in a river channel.

The river passes through downtown San José.

McEnery Park (a park within a park; very meta) has gigantic dragonfly sculptures.

The Veterans Memorial has 100 white flags waving in the breeze.

This sculpture by Kenneth Matsumoto is untitled, but it looks like a grade 3 cervical intraepithelial neoplasia to me.  

Another plane flies overhead as it comes in for a landing.

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