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A Solstice Ceremony

A Solstice Ceremony

I love your warmth, your strength, your sweetness, your affectionate and considerate gestures. I love how your artistic, creative and romantic qualities enrich my life in ways I never thought I'd ever have.

I love you because you bring light and warmth into my life. I love you because you have created a safe place where my spirit can breathe deeply and be true to itself.

I love you because you have been there for me when all others turned away. I love you and I want to spend my life with you.

May our love for each other nurture us as we nurture each other.

May our love for each other flourish and thrive as we grow together throughout the passing seasons.

May our love for each other guide us safely, wisely and gently along for all our days together.

D. and I had a small, private wedding ceremony at the Moon Viewing Garden in the San Francisco Botanical Gardens at Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park. The garden is designed in the Japanese style. Magnolias, Japanese maples and camellias surround a reflecting pond, which has a wooden platform for viewing the autumn moon.

A pair of Canada geese flying overhead wound up leading our procession through the garden; their honking was like a little fanfare of trumpets. A small stream feeding into the reflecting pond provided more music as well as some good chi as we stood on the deck under the mist-shrouded limbs of a rare Himalayan tree and exchanged our vows on the Solstice.

We spent our honeymoon at a hostel at the Pt. Montara historic lighthouse, located down the Pacific coast south of San Francisco. One afternoon we stopped by the Moss Beach Distillery for a beverage. During Prohibition the place used to be a speakeasy. The place is also supposed to be haunted, but we saw no ghosts as we sat on the patio overlooking the vast Pacific sparkling in the afternoon sun. Later on D. and I visited the nearby Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and enjoyed watching a bunch of harbor seals napping on the beach. We also wound up getting soaked up to our calves in a tidepool by a strong wave as he was trying to photograph an enormous starfish up close.

We spent another afternoon enjoying all the little shops in Half Moon Bay, including having a fabulous vegan lunch at the Half Moon Bay Inn.

The hostel had quite nice private rooms. It was heavenly falling asleep to the sound of the surf and waking to watch the sea and sky turn pink and golden with the rising sun. 

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