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Thursday Night Dream

Thursday Night Dream

DH and I rescue a bunny we find running loose on a mash-up of the street I grew up on and the street I live on now.  We are able to contact the bunny's owner who says she will come by to get him.  She was visiting the area from out of town and had brought her bunny with her, and somehow it got out of the house of the person she'd gone to visit and was hopping around in the middle of the road.

While waiting for her to arrive, I go outside into the back yard.  Water is flowing from somewhere through the yard, forming little rills and rivulets and turning the ground to mud.  I try to get across but it is getting wetter by the second and increasingly impossible to walk without my feet getting drenched.  The field next to the yard is also filling up with water, keeping me out.

Then, DH and I are setting up a new office for him in a building that is a hybrid of an office building and an open-air bazaar.  We are arranging his desk to be just right.  There are a lot of other people there also, getting their desks and the rest of the space set up they way they want it to be for them.

I do what I can with DH, then go to arrange for a ride home for the bunny woman.  Right next to DH's desk is a standpipe with a hose attached to one of the outlets.  Someone is hosing down an area to clean it, even though it is the interior of a building (sort of; there don't seem to be any walls).  The other standpipe outlet is spraying a fine mist of clear, odorless liquid.  I ask the person hosing down stuff about the spraying outlet.  He tells me it's gasohol and seems very nonchalant about the incredible danger of the situation.

Someone comes by and says the people in the building are playing a game where it's a pretend bomb scare and we have to evacuate in a certain way by forming strategies and alliances with others, otherwise we will lose the game.  He is handing out business cards with the game's rules printed on them.  I push a large piece of broken furniture to the elevator for removal and proceed to work on my strategy for the game.

I take the elevator down to the ground floor with the bunny woman then ride back up again by myself, except I'm on the wrong floor when I get off.  DH's desk is not there and all the people there are strangers and don't seem happy that I've suddenly showed up.  I thought I pushed the right button but I'm one floor above where I wanted to be (7th floor) so I quickly go back down one floor.

Then a loud noise from outside my bedroom window woke me up and the dream was over.

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