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Thursday Night Dream: China And A Circus Procession

Thursday Night Dream: China And A Circus Procession

DH and I are in China to photograph buildings for the government there.  It is very exciting to be there and things are going well.

We are almost done with the project when an underling calls us into his office during our free recreational time for a meeting.  He says they need us to photograph a public restroom but they don't know if DH is qualified to do so.

We are unprepared for this unscheduled business meeting, but even though miffed at being blindsided like this, DH tries to cope.  He pulls from his pocket a thick stack of over-sized bookmarks printed with images from his portfolio and begins impatiently thumbing through them, looking for sample bathroom pics he has taken to show he has done it successfully before and is very qualified to do so.

I can see DH is getting more and more frustrated as he thumbs through the bookmarks, and the government underling is definitely not impressed (he seems to be looking for a way to trip us up).  I suggest to DH that he go back to our room and get his laptop where he can locate in seconds the appropriate images to show the underling, and I politely ask the underling if that would be okay with him since it would only take a moment.

But DH completely loses his temper because he knows that things were going well and that for some reason the underling was enlisted to try to trip us up and sabotage the project.  DH screams and yells at the underling, leaning in threateningly over his desk, calling him every foul name in the book.  I place myself between them and try to reassure DH that it's okay and he doesn't need to get angry, but it is too late.  He has screamed some awful, terrible, hateful things at the underling and there is no way to repair the damage and salvage the situation.  I offer an apology to the underling while ushering a shaking, abashed yet still volcanically furious DH out of the meeting.

On the way back to our room the dream changes and I am in charge of spraying water on certain things in a section of a community.  I am in a trendy clothing store and after spraying a few isolated things on the sales floor I confer with the staff as to which potted plants in their break room are already being taken care of so I don't need to spray them with water while I'm there.  I go to a nearby intersection, dragging a heavy, unwieldy hose attached to a fire hydrant and begin systematically hosing down the gutters and storm drains, which seem to be clogged and caked with a lot of dried mud and dirt.  The hose is very difficult to use, tripping me up as I try to drag it across the intersection during the short time the walk light is on, especially when cars trying to make a left turn stop on top of it, preventing me from dragging it further out of traffic and cutting off the flow of water so I can't even use the time waiting for them to move to finish spraying.

Then I am coming back to where we are staying on Lincoln and 3rd in San Francisco.  I am almost at our place when a commotion distracts me.  Some bizarre kind of shabby circus procession is heading east along Lincoln but keeps breaking down and stopping.  A flatbed truck full of caged black leopards is stopped just past the intersection while the circus hands to to fix the engine.  The animals seem very stressed and tense but are sitting quietly.

After a minute or two the scene of broken-down, dingy vehicles gets boring quickly.  I turn to go back to what I had been doing but the procession suddenly starts moving again.  I am barely able to get my camera out of my bag to get some video footage of a hippopotamus pulling a circus vehicle like a draft horse at a surprisingly good clip before it moves too far down the block to be seen.  Even though the hippo seems to be scampering along quite nimbly I am still shocked at how inappropriate it is to force such an animal to do something like that in the first place.

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