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Hiller Aviation Museum, Part 2

Hiller Aviation Museum, Part 2

Here's part 2 of Sunday's visit to Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos.

Several engines on display (colorful Westinghouse jet engine, Pratt & Whitney R-4360, and a Wright Whirlwind radial engine).

An artist's rendering of an experimental oblique wing transport by Stanford Aeronautics.

Oh hell no.

Smile for the flying micro-camera.

Looking down on the Wright Flyer replica from the mezzanine.

A Hiller H-23-B Army medevac helicopter.

Another look at the Avitor airship from the mezzanine.

Looking down into the main gallery from the mezzanine.

YH-32-A, the first helicopter gunship (named the Sally Rand).

The super-secret Condor robotic spy plane has a submarine-like body and a huge 200' wingspan that fills the museum from one wall to the other.

Model aircraft hang from the ceiling along the mezzanine walkway.

A pilot mannequin peers through the viewing apparatus of a Lockheed YO-3A Quiet Star battlefield observation plane.

A Boeing 737 cockpit.

The self-launching Hummingbird Powered Glider's engine was retractable once it reached altitude.

At the far end of the mezzanine we see the 747 outside through the plate-glass windows.

We see the small planes on the tarmac at neighboring San Carlos Airport as well.

Looking down into the main gallery from the far end of the mezzanine.

A mural above the museum's theater shows a selected history of non-powered human flight.

Kitsch in the museum's gift shop.

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