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(This is not about my emergency room experience. I wrote it 5 days before the surgery took place.)


the house is empty.
the walls are bare.

it got darker.
where are they?

a wall of diamond
a wall of doubt
a wall of china
a wall of clouds

shadows creep up the wall,
stealthier than cats,
slower than snails.
it has been hours since i heard a sound.

a wall of mirrors:
a cruel thing.

the rain ended.
they said it was time.
i stared at shadows on the wall
all afternoon. i didn't want to go yet.

a wall of mud
a wall of fire
a wall of blood
a wall of prayer

would they believe me
if i spoke of how
i roamed the white arcades of
abandoned cities,
their once-shining walls
now fragile and crumbling at
the merest whisper of time?

the forgotten children
between the walls
are silent.
this is a good thing
(they say).

night will wash over me,
the walls loom large, press in.

a wall of darkness,
night will wash over us all.

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