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Byrne Preserve

Byrne Preserve

In spite of the threat of rain on Saturday, D. and I decided to return to the Byrne Preserve in Los Altos Hills and walk the Artemas Ginzton Pathway, part of which we had walked back in 2007 (and pictures of which I lost ).  Here are some of my pics from this time.

Artemas Ginzton was an environmental activist who worked tirelessly to preserve local open space and natural habitats for the enjoyment of all.

The trail goes through bay and oak woodland, full of woodrat nests under the trees.

The trail goes along the property lines of some extremely pricey homes.  Here we see a discarded utility sink in the woods behind one of them. 

The large trees have numbered tags (same as we saw in Mills Canyon).

Oak leaf on a stump.

The trail goes on into the woods.

A mushroom on a rotting log beside the trail.

The trail climbs out of the canyon to a grassy hilltop, empty and stark below the threatening sky.

The trail descends to cross a horse pasture.


The trail descends further to follow a creek, where we see arroyo willows budding plus what looks like an abandoned shack sitting in the creek bed.

More tree tags and mushrooms.

A colorful bay leaf on the trail.

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