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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 1-21-2014 12:27 AM
Subject: Penitencia Creek Trail
Security: Public
Tags:bird, duck, field trip, flower, grass, ground squirrel, hummingbird, mallard, penitencia creek park, pigeon, pond, san jose, sign, skull, squirrel, thistle
Penitencia Creek Trail

On a very mild and pleasant Sunday afternoon, D. and I returned to the Penitencia Creek Trail to see what else there was so see, and here's some of the pics I took.

We start out where we left off before.

Dead thistles.

An empty field next to the creek doubles as a flood control basin.

The trail and the creek.

We pop into the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley in Penitencia Creek Park.

The park was full of daisies and ground squirrels.

The pond in the park was full of ducks, geese, coots and gulls.

A derpy ground squirrel.

Pigeons and a hummingbird.

Tawny grass glows in the late afternoon light.

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