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Dream: Lightning

D. and I are at a rocky shore.  It is summer holiday, and clouds are gathering during the late afternoon.  We begin our long walk back and the sky turns very dark.  It starts to sprinkle.  We can hear thunder.  The ground is flat and open, leaving us vulnerable to lightning strikes because we are the tallest things in the vicinity.  I become very scared because I can feel the electricity in the air and am afraid we will be a lightning rod.

I close my eyes because I'm scared and double over to make a shorter target as D. leads me by the hand over the rocks.  We are a long way from shelter.  Peals of thunder occur closer together as the air darkens.  I can see lightning bolts through my shut eyelids.  This terrifies me.  They know how to find me.  There is no escape from it.  I know I will be struck.

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