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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 1-28-2014 12:11 AM
Subject: Guadalupe River Trail: Tasman Dr. To River Oaks Parkway
Security: Public
Tags:bird, field trip, floof, flower, guadalupe river, hawk, native wildflower, red-shouldered hawk, san jose, sign, turkey vulture
Guadalupe River Trail: Tasman Dr. To River Oaks Parkway

On a very mild and hazy Saturday, D. and I took a stroll along the Guadalupe River Trail between Tasman Dr. and River Oaks Parkway, and I took some pics.

Here we are.

This part of the trail runs next to Ulistac Natural Area, and we see the red-shouldered hawk we saw here the last time.

Guadalupe River as it flows under Tasman Dr.

The trail.

California asters in bloom already, plus their floof from last year's bloom.

Angelica, arroyo willow catkins and wild radish.


Song sparrow in the tule stems at the river's edge.

Wild mustard.

Turkey vulture.

Arroyo willow buds.

Trail rules are specific -- no boating on the trail! 

Public art: fish silhouettes on trail fencing represent native steelhead swimming upstream to spawn (but not likely during such a severe drought ).

Looking back down the trail.

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