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Mini-Field Trip: Goats 'n' Coots

Mini-field trip: Goats 'n' Coots
(or, Return to Sunnyvale Baylands Park)

Today D. and I took a mini-field trip back to Sunnyvale Baylands park, where we were quite surprised to see a herd of pygmy goats grazing on the lawn of the capped-off landfill hill. We saw white goats, brown goats, black goats and spotted goats; we saw shaggy coats, short-haired coats and thick wooly coats; we saw straight horns, curved horns, coiled horns and double horns; and they were all grazing quietly and peacefully on the sunny green hillside.

We also saw a flock of coots grazing on another part of that hill. I've seen geese graze, but I'd never seen coots graze before. I'd also never seen that many of them together before either; there were dozens of them on the hillside. D. thought it odd that they bothered to walk laboriously on their little webbed feet up from the slough to cross the trail and go up the hill; why didn't they just fly up there? We also saw 3 black-crowned night herons, some Canada geese, mallards, crows, domestic geese, cormorants, egrets, a black phoebe, some little grebe-like birds, two jackrabbits, a bunch of ground squirrels and a red-tailed hawk during our brief walk. We didn't want to go too far because I've had problems with lingering weakness after my surgery. The last time we tried to take a walk in the neighborhood I had to crash out on the couch for a couple hours when we got home, I was so exhausted and drained. But I did better today.

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