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'What Can I Do?'

'What Can I Do?'

Someone on the ME/CFIDS forum I belong to asked what can she do, as a well person, to be the best possible friend to someone who has the illness.

Here's what I posted.

Believe that we are sick, even if we look fine.

Trust us that we want to be productive members of society, but we can't because of ME/CFIDS.

Help us trust you and know that you will be there for us.

Try your best to understand our struggles with a powerful and complex illness.

Accept us as we are, not conditionally or contingent upon "getting better" or "getting well."

Stay with us for the long haul, since we are not going to get better next month or probably not even next year.

Keep in touch with us even if we're too sick to reach out to you.

Be our friend in a deeper sense than a mere shopping pal or someone to go to the movies with.

Put up with us during our worst, most difficult days.

Help us laugh.

Encourage and support us as we try to cope.

Bless that woman's heart for being compassionate enough to ask in the first place. She's probably already doing all those things for her friend anyway, but I posted this on that forum as food for thought for all the others who might see it.

Of course, all this is true for any illness, not just ME/CFIDS.

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