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'Superheroes' Lament' and 'The Ghosts In Me'

'Superheroes' Lament' and 'The Ghosts In Me'

Two recent poems of mine.

Superheroes' Lament

The exhausted superheroes weep
as the witless fools they rescue
giggle and
poke their fingers yet again
into the light socket

The Ghosts In Me

the ghosts in me wait
for sleep to come.
they wait a long time.

the ghosts in me hunger
for what they've lost.
their hunger aches.

the ghosts in me weep
at their imprisonment.
their tears are silent.

the ghosts in me shield
their soft, pale hearts.
they wear many veils.

the ghosts in me see
that i am one of them.

the ghosts in me laugh.
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