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Although I am not a librarian, I do appreciate the library as a place for quiet study and contemplation. I know that the trend these days is for libraries to move away from their traditional image of stodgy, silent study halls to be more like fun places where one's entire mind and spirit can be engaged and entertained.

However, there is such a thing as taking this concept too far. I cannot count the times my quiet enjoyment of using my laptop in a library study carrel has been ruined by some small child having a screaming tantrum (the latest such episode was this very afternoon). In order to spend some quality time on-line I've had to put up with the following sampling of annoyances:

    ringing cell phones

    cell phone conversations

    laptops playing log-on and log-off sounds

    chronic coughing

    chronic sneezing

    chronic shuffling of papers, crinkling of plastic bags, twanging of rubber bands and zipping and unzipping of zippers as someone in the next study carrel takes hours to reorganize their overstuffed backpack

    screaming babies

    shrieking children child singing the entire ABC song, with a lengthy ad-libbed coda

    someone in the next study carrel quietly clapping

    someone in the next study carrel quietly snoring

    someone in the next study carrel cracking their knuckles

    elevator dinging every time the doors open

    doors to the admin wing of the library slamming shut whenever staff go in or out

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for one's entire mind and spirit being engaged and entertained. I just prefer it happens quietly when in a library, that's all.

BTW, my local library has a separate "quiet study room," but computer use is not allowed in it, for some reason. 

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