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Coyote Creek Trail, Hwy. 237 to Cottonwood Dr.

Coyote Creek Trail, Hwy. 237 to Cottonwood Dr.

On Sunday D. and I took a walk on the Coyote Creek Trail between Highway 237 and Cottonwood Dr., and I took some pics of what we saw along the way.

The trail.

Wild radish and California poppies.

Which one of these hundreds of trees is the "first tree"? 

Graffiti, a pigeon and reflections where the trail goes under Hwy. 237.

Coyote Creek.

Tiny beetles on angelica blossoms

The trail skirts the campus of a tech company that has dedicated part of its land to habitat for the endangered burrowing owl.

Cisterns are part of the Coyote Creek flood control system.

The trail.

A black phoebe hunts for bugs to eat at the edge of the woods.

Girafa under the Tasman Dr. overpass.

California blackberry.

A sign with the letter V mysteriously cleaned off.  (D. and I think it indicates the proximity of a homeless encampment in the woods.)


We pass by a great blue heron rookery, with little baby herons poking their head above the nests.

We pass by a mysterious white dome between a townhome complex and a flood control station. 

A fiery skipper rests on the trail.

Coyote Creek, framed by the Hwy. 237 overpass.

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