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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 3-12-2007 2:35 PM
Subject: The Visitor
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Tags:blu, cat
The Visitor

A stray cat wandered into the house this morning. I'd had the side gate open from bringing in the recycling bins and got sidetracked weeding the back yard. Eventually I went inside only to find a white cat in the hall doorway. D. was out on an errand and the front door was shut and locked. The cat must have somehow come in the gate and went in the open back door and then into the rest of the house.

He was all white with some black lesions on his ear flaps; probably melanoma, from being outdoors a lot. At the SF/SPCA we saw that a lot with white or mostly-white cats. They don't have enough pigmentation in their skin to protect them from the UV rays. They shouldn't be free-roaming outdoor cats because of that.

This little guy was friendly but not happy. He was meowing a lot. I didn't know how long he'd been wandering or how hungry he was. He went back outside, and I followed him. I'd shut the side gate in the meantime, so he was stuck in the back yard. I looked at his tag and found a name ("Blu"), an address in the next town over and a phone number. I spent a few minutes petting him, and he lay down on the walkway like he was going to chill out there. I couldn't feed him because I don't have any cat food anymore, but I got him a bowl of water and went to look up the address on his tag on the map. He was about 2 1/2 miles from his home, as the crow flies. When I called the number on his tag I got an answering machine, so all I could do was say I found the cat in my back yard and to call me to figure out how to get him back home.

I went back out and petted him some more and thought he was okay in the fenced back yard. But when I went to check on him a few minutes later, he was gone. Over the (six-foot) fence, I guess. He had to cross a very busy 6-lane highway to get over to my part of town, and I fear he won't be so lucky if he tries to cross back again.

And those lesions on his ears really ought to be looked at by a vet. They can get worse, and even metastasize. If he doesn't get home to his person, heaven knows what will happen or how sick he might get.

I was quite distraught at his disappearance. I didn't know what I was going to tell his person when she returned my call later on, but she never called me back.

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