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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 5-24-2014 12:11 AM
Subject: Lost Ducklings
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Tags:bird, duck, mallard, sights around town
Lost Ducklings

As D. and I pulled into our driveway on Thursday evening, we saw 2 mallard ducklings peeping and waddling on the edge of our lawn.

The ducklings peeped and waddled underneath a car parked at the curb, then they peeped and waddled across the street.  One duckling peeped and skedaddled into a storm drain, and the other duckling peeped and waddled up a driveway, and then peeped and waddled back down the driveway, and then peeped and waddled across a front yard and then peeped and waddled down a side yard.

We heard agitated peeping for a few minutes more, then quiet.  Then night fell.

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