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Patrick's close call

Patrick's close call

Patrick has not been doing well all week, getting very weak from not eating. Sunday I thought he had only 24 hours left, he was so miserable. I let him spend then whole night in his secret cave, and I figured I'd have to discuss either palliative care or euthanasia with Dr. S. during our appointment today. I was prepared to bring him to the emergency hospital overnight if things got really bad.

So imagine my surprise Monday morning when I got up to see Patrick emerge from his secret cave and bug me for food! He was still too sick to eat any significant amounts, but the fact that he plainly wants to hang in there means that the "e" word can go on the back burner for now.

For several day the only thing Patrick would lap at was kitty junk food, but it was better than nothing. I've been to the store several times getting an assortment of brands and flavors, hoping at least one of them would entice him to eat even just a little. Now he's eating regular kibble, although in very small amounts.

Dr. S. felt that Elspar was worth a shot, even given the danger involved. Elspar will shrink the cancer down to nothing but it may also perforate the intestine in the process which can be fatal. He said he has never seen it happen with any of his patients but I needed to know it is a possibility. I said go ahead because the lymphoma will kill Patrick eventually anyway.

Since we made it through Wednesday without a bad reaction to the Elspar, we should be in the clear. Now it's just waiting to see how much it helps, if any.

Sunday night I had "the talk" with Patrick, and I told him to let me know *very clearly* what he wanted me to help him with, whether it was time to let go or whether he wanted to stay. It's pretty clear to me he wants to stay, at least for the time being, which is an incredible blessing. That little guy pretty much had me convinced Sunday night he was a goner.

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