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Russian Ridge, Mindego Trail

Russian Ridge, Mindego Trail

On Saturday D. and I took a walk on the recently-opened Mindego Trail at Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve, and I took some pics.

New native plant landscaping is protected by wire cages and stakes.

The Audrey C. Rust Commemorative Site is a restful place to enjoy the sweeping views.

The sky is full of pretty clouds.

Thistle floof.

Mindego Hill comes into view as we move along the trail.

The view toward the sea.

Mindego Hill is an ancient volcanic plug that used to be down by what is now Los Angeles millions of years ago.

A sign beside the trail warns not to go too fast due to the proximity of an endangered species of snake, but all we see is a piece of shed snake skin.

Bull thistle, California poppies and yellow star thistle.

Mindego Hill.

Area closed.  Time to turn around and go back.

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