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National Wildlife Refuge, Alviso

National Wildlife Refuge, Alviso

On Sunday D. and I took a stroll along the Marsh View Trail at the National Wildlife Refuge in Alviso, and I took some pics.

A milk snail estivates on a stalk of vegetation.

The pump house and the Environmental Education Center.

Marsh View Trail goes through an upland habitat next to the salt marsh.

Two views of the pump house.

A northern shoveler swims in the slough.

Someone had egg for lunch.

A look past the slough at the East Bay Hills.

There are many bleached bones in the salt marsh.

An almost-complete rabbit skeleton.

Looking through the marsh toward the Environmental Education Center.

Strange artifacts in the salt marsh.

Might there be a message in this bottle?

Another rabbit skull.

One last look at the marsh before going home.

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