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Coyote Creek Trail

Coyote Creek Trail

On Sunday D. and I went to South San José to take a walk on the Coyote Creek Trail near Silicon Valley Blvd.  When we got there the creek was so dry from the on-going drought we were able to walk in the creek bed itself, and I took some pics.

The hills near the creek show burned areas from a recent fire.

The creek is so low we can walk in the dry creek bed.

A rusted pipe has been discarded near the creek bank.

The creek bed is littered with clam shells.

Cottonwoods line the creek and drop their yellow leaves into the creek bed.

A skunk skull in a meadow above the creek bank.

California aster floofs glow in the afternoon sun.

A holey rock.

The dried mud in the bed of the creek is cracked and dusty.

A castor bean plant grows in the creek bed.

Part of a toy castle lies in the creek bed.

A sycamore limb reaches over the creek.

Vertebrae lie among the stones in the creek bed.

Looking in the upstream direction.

A meadow alongside the creek bank.

A dried flower stalk is a reminder that summer is long gone.

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