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Devil's Slide Coastal Trail

Devil's Slide Coastal Trail

On Saturday D. and I took a stroll along the southern section of the Devil's Slide Trail, which used to be an accident- and erosion-plagued highway until too many landslides closed the route for months at a time and forced authorities to build the twin-bore Tom Lantos Tunnel through the mountainside, bypassing the slide-prone area and freeing the roadway to be repurposed as a 1.3-mile hiking and biking trail.  Here are some of the pics I took.

We are here.

Squadrons of brown pelicans fly over the ocean offshore.

The sky is full of clouds after a rainstorm moved through the area.

Cheerful daisies along the trail.

Fencing protects fragile trailside habitat.

Cormorants gather on a large rock offshore.

More pelicans swoop past.

Cliffs rise above the trail.

A raven hops up on the curb as we approach.

The trail winds up the coast.

The slide area, covered with metal mesh to stabilize the hillside as much as possible.  Now that the roadway is re-routed through a tunnel, the unstable rock poses much less of a threat.

The view to the north from the trail.

Bewick's wren and raven.

Invasive, non-native pampas grass covers the hillside.  It is an aggressive weed and subject to eradication measures.

Late afternoon casts shadows on the trail.

Seaside daisies, resistant to salt spray, grow along the trail.

Looking south as we return back down the trail on our way home.

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