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Crystal Springs Sawyer Camp Trail

Crystal Springs Sawyer Camp Trail

After doing an errand in San Mateo on Sunday, D. and I drove over to Crystal Springs Reservoir.  We took a walk along the Sawyer Camp Trail, and I took these pics.

Crystal Springs Reservoir.

Toyon berries.

Coot in the reservoir.

More scenes of the reservoir.

Sawyer Camp Trail.

Dried grass and floof.

Hawthorne berries.

Enigmatic signage means something to the reservoir maintenance people but little to us.

Abandoned power pole.

A dark-eyed junco hangs around a trailside bench looking for food crumbs spilled by snacking humans.

Cormorants rest on rocks near the reservoir's shore.

A mahoosive mushroom pokes up from the forest duff next to the trail.

Black-tailed deer.

Grassy hillside.

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