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Museum Of Craft And Design

Museum Of Craft And Design

On a stormy Saturday, after doing an errand in San Francisco D. and I visited The Museum of Craft and Design because we didn't want to risk getting caught in a rain shower outside, and I took some pics.

Inside the museum.

The Metamorphosis exhibit, where objects are subjected to transformation by the artist.

Time Machine "Boompa," by Tony Esola.

"Iron Clad" by Tony Esola.  (Yes, it's from an actual iron.)

I forgot to take notes for this piece.

An altered serving tray by Jaydan Moore.

Copia #1, Copia #2, Copia #3, Copia #4 by Sayumi Yokouchi are made from dyed polishing felt buffs.

"Spike" by glass artist Amber Cowan.

More of Amber Cowan's work, "Sky Blue, Cobalt and Slag;" "White Swan Theater;" "Peach Bloom (After the Morgan Vase)"; and a detail from "The Lion and The Fox."

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