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Crystal Springs Sawyer Camp Trail 2

Crystal Springs Sawyer Camp Trail 2

On Saturday D. and I returned to Crystal Springs Reservoir to walk the northern segment of the Sawyer Camp Trail (between Hillcrest and the Jepson Laurel), and here are some of the pics I took.

We begin at Mile 0.

The watershed is fenced off from public access.

A gadwall on San Andreas Lake.

The San Andreas Lake reservoir is part of the Crystal Springs system.

The spillway leads to San Andreas Creek, which feeds into Crystal Springs Reservoir.

California towhee.

We are standing on top of the San Andreas earthquake fault here.

San Andreas Lake and Crystal Springs Reservoirs lie atop the San Andreas Fault.

A herd of black-tailed deer graze below the lake's dam.

The view from the dam south to Crystal Springs Reservoir.

All the recent rain has brought out fungi in various forms.

Sawyer Camp Trail.

An enigmatic sign along the trail means something to the reservoir maintenance people but little to us.

Turkey vulture.

Another mushroom.

San Andreas Creek runs alongside this stretch of the trail.

Snowberries, high in fat and and sought out in winter by birds when there is little else available to eat, are glazed with rain.

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