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Fremont Older Open Space Preserve

Fremont Older Open Space Preserve

On a hazy Saturday, D. and I visited Fremont Older Open Space Preserve and walked the Regnart Trail and parts of the Hayfield and Coyote Ridge Trails, and I took some pics.

The gate at Regnart Trail.

The hazy canyon.

Blackberry leaves.

A little sparrow forages beside the trail.

The Regnart Trail is so steep it takes us a long time to climb it because I am still so weak.

The Hayfield Trail.


More of the Hayfield Trail.

Manroot in flower.

A patch of Bermuda buttercups at the foot of an ancient walnut tree.

Looking up through the bare walnut branches to the sky above.

Hayfield Trail.

A cricket on a leaf beside the trail.

Mistletoe in a dormant oak.

A power line visible from the Coyote Ridge Trail (because what's a field trip without a power line?).

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