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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 1-27-2015 12:07 AM
Subject: Ed R. Levin County Park
Security: Public
Tags:arrow, bird, cow, ed levin park, field trip, flower, great blue heron, hawk, milpitas, red-tailed hawk, sign, sycamore
Ed R. Levin County Park

On a beautiful mild Saturday, D. and I went to Ed R. Levin County Park and walked the Tularcitos, Calera Creek and Agua Caliente Trails, and I took some pics.

Tularcitos Trail.

Red-tailed hawk.

Field near hang-gliding landing zone.

Hang gliders.

Sycamore sky.

Calera Creek.

The arrow says go this way.

View from the Agua Caliente Trail.

Cattle graze alongside the trail.

This cow seems to be deciding which trail to take.

Another view from the Agua Caliente Trail.

A white-tailed kite hovers over the hillside, with a view of San Francisco Bay beyond.

Great blue heron.

English daisy.

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