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Huddart County Park & Phleger Estate

Huddart County Park & Phleger Estate

On Saturday D. and I took a walk on the Richards Road Trail through Huddart County Park and on into neighboring Phleger Estate, where I took some pics.

Huddart Park.

Daisies, and clover leaves with hearts.

Richards Road Trail.

Broom is a pretty but invasive non-native plant.

The trail goes off into the redwoods.

Western white butterfly on western heart's ease.

Redwood sorrel.

More redwoods.

False turkey tails, and sword fern.

A banana slug nibbles on some fungi.

The trail in Phleger Estate.

Next to West Union Creek we see a recently-hatched California slender salamander, curled up into a little coil between some rocks.

Redwood violet.

Another banana slug.

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