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Stevens Creek Trail 3: Creekside to Yuba

Stevens Creek Trail 3: Creekside to Yuba

Saturday D. and I walked the rest of the Stevens Creek Trail, from Creekside Park to Yuba Drive.

Feral cat hanging out near the trailhead at Creekside Park, a tiny pocket park.  He had a notch on his ear, meaning he's been trapped, neutered and released.

Flow control structures in the creek.

Another view.  This may be a fish ladder.

The shady creek.

Redbud tree and pods.

Part of the 1100-foot-long bridge spanning the four-lane Central Expressway, two high-speed Caltrain rail tracks, the VTA light rail tracks and Evelyn Avenue.

Central Expressway under the trail bridge.

VTA lightrail tracks under the trail bridge.

Caltrain tracks under the trail bridge.

Poppies, the state flower of Cali.

Peeking through a gap in the Highway 85 soundwall.  Those blurs are vehicles whizzing past at 65 mph just a few yards away.

Sunlight on the ripples.

A wild rose pokes through a fence to say hello.


Big Brother is watching.  Traffic surveillance cameras at Hwy 85/Hwy 237 interchange.

Bee in flowers at Yuba Drive, trail's end.

On the way back, we saw acanthus flowers.

Spider in its web.

Lovely flowers. They had no fragrance. I don't know what they are.

And finally, back to where we came in, on Easy Street!

I took 3 of these pics, D. took the rest.

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