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San José Japantown

San José Japantown

On Wednesday I tagged along with D. as we went on a walking tour of San José's Japantown, sponsored by SPUR.  The tour was led by a docent from the Japanese American Museum of San José, and I took some pics.

This house was the first house in San José to have a concrete frame and a tile roof (much less flammable than wood-framed houses).  It is also the house where Norm Mineta (former Mayor of San José, former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, former U. S. Secretary of Commerce, former U. S. Secretary of Transportation) grew up.

Each set of benches in Japantown is themed.  This group recalls the internment camps.

The sakura, or cherry blossom, is the emblem for Japantown.

San José Bike Share has a station in Japantown.

Nihonmachi ("Japan town") banners.

An artful telecom box in Japantown.

San Jose Tofu Co. specializes in handmade tofu and is a major supplier to restaurants in San Francisco.

Geraniums in bloom.

A rock garden at San José Buddhist Church used to be a fish pond, but people stole the fish so they made it a rock garden instead.

Brilliant purple ice plant at San José Buddhist Church.

A historical blurb on one of the benches in front of Hotel Taihei.

Another sakura symbol on a light fixture.

Cherry blossoms.

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