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San José Municipal Rose Garden

San José Municipal Rose Garden

Because I've been unusually debilitated this week, on Saturday D. and I went to visit the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden because it's fairly close and has flat, well-surfaced paths that wouldn't be too taxing to walk on.  I was too tired to stay long, but I took a few pics before we had to leave.

The garden's beds are laid out according to rose variety.

Beautiful pink roses, one with a bee.

A bee visits a yellow rose.

More yellow roses (my favorite).

Red and orange roses.

A bride enters the Rose Garden on her way to the ceremony.

What color is this?  Dusty mauve?  Anemic peach?  Cadaverous apricot? 

Another bee stops by this bicolor rose.

Mini roses.

The fences around the garden showcase climbing varieties.

A western bluebird enjoys the garden too.

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