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Stevens Creek at Shoreline

Stevens Creek at Shoreline

On Saturday D. and I took a little walk along the Stevens Creek Trail at Shoreline Park here in town.  This little walk exhausted me, but I did take some pics before I had to turn around and come home.

Stevens Creek.

Flowers at the trailhead.

A great egret flies overhead.

Pretty yellow fleurs.

The view of the mountains across the bay, and the salt pond next to the trail.

Another look at Stevens Creek, and a ruddy duck in the creek.

Behind us, the hangars at Moffett Field.

A Forster's tern perches on a rusty pipe sticking out of a salt pond.

Another Forster's tern hovers over the pond looking for a fish to eat.

A great egret stalks the salt pond looking for lunch.

A great blue heron checks out Stevens Creek.

A while pelican finds a fish in the salt pond.  It's unusual to see one here this early in the year.

A mallard hen swims up Stevens Creek.

Power lines stride along the creek toward San Francisco Bay.

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