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Calabazas Creek Trail, Prescott to 237

Calabazas Creek Trail

Last Saturday D. and I took a little walk on the Calabazas Creek Trail, and I took some pics.

The creek, where we enter the trail.

We decide to follow the path along the creek bank instead of stay up on the flood control levee (even though the path isn't smooth and paved).

Wild radish grows in thick stands all along the creek.

A jet taking off from nearby San José International Airport roars overhead.

There are mallards in the creek, including a female hybrid.

Lots of flowers are in bloom along the path.

A cabbage white butterfly on a wild radish blossom.

Grasses are starting to dry out and turn brown.

A buckeye butterfly rests on the path.

Mustard weed forms dense stands all along the creek.

Another look at the creek farther downstream.

California poppy.

Another jet roars overhead.

The trail, thick with dying grasses and blooming flowers.

We return on the upper, paved trail because it it easier going and I am very tired and starting to hurt.

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