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Calabazas Creek Trail

Calabazas Creek Trail

On Sunday D. and I returned to the Calabazas Creek Trail to walk it in the other direction this time, and I took some pics along the way.

We choose to walk the creekside path instead of the flood control levee.

Behind us are mowing machines, cutting the lush growth along the banks of the creek.

Floofy seed heads are a common sight.

Swallowtail butterflies are performing courtship flights along the path.

Wild radish.

Fly in paradise.

Dry grasses wave in the wind.

Our walk is punctuated by the occasional roar of jets talking off from nearby San José International Airport.

Unidentified fleur.

One of the mowers overtakes us on the path, making a racket and raising a dust cloud as it passes.

Floofs of dried thistle blossoms line a section of the path.

Calabazas Creek.

The creek as it passes underneath Highway 101.

Graffiti under Highway 101.

The creek south of Highway 101 is in a concrete flood control channel.  There is no more path on this side of the highway, so we have to turn back.

Another look at the mowing machines on our way back as they make another pass along the creek bank.

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