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Joe's Trail

Joe's Trail

On Saturday, D. and I took a walk on the unostentatiously-named Joe's Trail (named for the man whose widow donated money for its creation), and I took a few pics (less than usual because I was too tired and in pain during the walk).

At the trailhead.

The trail follows the power lines and train tracks.

Looking back toward the mountains, where the railroad line ends at a cement plant (it carries coal up there 3 times a week).

I don't think they're serious about this anymore.

The blossom of a silk flower tree, an escapee from a neighboring garden.

What is a field trip without power lines?

Farther along the trail.

The trespassing is moot now, due to the official trail, but I'm sure they're still serious about the dumping.

The trail is lined with patches of star thistles.

Thanks, Frank.  (No, I don't know what that pink stick is.)

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