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Dinner At Greens

Dinner At Greens

On Monday after doing a couple of errands in San Francisco, D. and I stuck around and had dinner at Greens Restaurant at Ft. Mason.

The view from our window of Gashouse Cove and the Golden Gate Bridge (behind the masts).  We saw a couple of seals swimming around in the water.

The restaurant, with paintings by San Francisco Bay Area artist Willard Dixon on the wall.

Our appetizer: spring roll with carrots, jicama, daikon, cabbage, jalapeños, tofu, rice noodles, Thai basil and mint, served with peanut sauce and grilled beech mushroom-radish salad.

My entree: fettuccine with snap and English peas, spring onions, pine nuts and chive blossom.

D.'s entree: mesquite grilled brochettes, with mushrooms, potatoes, peppers, corn, summer squash, red onions and tofu with chimichurri, brown rice with pumpkin seeds, and Mexican cabbage slaw.

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