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Los Altos Redwood Grove

Los Altos Redwood Grove

On Saturday D. and I took a brief trip to the Redwood Grove in Los Altos.  I was feeling very weak and we needed a nearby place that would be flat and shady, because I simply wasn't able to handle anything but the shortest of drives, any hills or the hot open sun.  So we revisited the Grove, and I took a few pics.

Late afternoon light streams through the trees.

The canopy overhead.

A trio of cones on the path.

The boardwalk crosses sensitive habitat.

Grumpy forest spirit is grumpy.

Redwood sorrel.

Wild strawberry leaves.

Impromptu lost and found.

Not fruits.

Anonymous white flowers, and yellow flower.

Poison oak leaf.

Late afternoon sun catches the tops of a dried clump of flowers.

Graffiti oracles.

Park boundary.

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