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Babelfishing Poetry: "You Need To Run, Bug People"

Babelfishing Poetry: "You Need To Run, Bug People"

Hello!  Friday!  Weekend!  Yay!  Babelfish!  Woo-hoo!  Babelfish!  Song lyrics!  On-line translator!  Quirky poem!  Video!  Yeah!

This week! Devo! "Whip It"! (Watch here!).  Enjoy! 

You Need To Run, Bug People

Ear drops, then forced to slap,
according to the commentary in the past.
Walking on images
about your business.

If you have a problem with the following,
need to whip out that plan in the olden days.

Need to whip out that voice?
When does something go,
need to whip out that?

Now, to see if the slapped to
shape, stay away!

Come, be in motion.

Test, never late.
We whip and slapped.

But when it's done,
who needs to whip out that voice?

There is no parking lot
if you do not have mistrust in the belly.

You need to run, bug people.
Who is going to enable them?

I said, "Alerts, alerts," too.
The ramparts, alerts, alerts, too.

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