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Spreckles Lake

Spreckels Lake

On Saturday after doing an errand in San Francisco, D. and I spent some time in Golden Gate Park to look at the bison paddock and hang out at Spreckels Lake for a little while before heading home.  Here's some of the pics I took.

The bison are a popular attraction in Golden Gate Park.  A herd has been there since the 1890s.

Spreckels Lake.

Buoys in the lake are for model yacht racing.

Lots of Western gulls in and around the lake.

An amorous pigeon tries to impress the ladies with his fancy dancing.

A couple of model yachts on the lake.

A Canada goose strides out of the water.

This mallard grabs a nap on one leg.

A couple of turtles and a mallard rest on a turtle-shaped artificial rock sticking out of the lake.

Another turtle tries to climb aboard the rock.

A buoy across the lake and its reflection.

A juvenile snowy egret looks for something to eat around the edge of the lake.

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