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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 8-11-2015 1:06 AM
Subject: Los Alamitos Creek Trail
Security: Public
Tags:bee, california poppy, field trip, foliage, grass, insect, los alamitos creek, san jose, sign, sycamore, thistle
Los Alamitos Creek Trail

On Saturday D. and I took a stroll along the Los Alamitos Creek Trail in southern San Jose, between Camden Ave. and Almaden Expressway, and I took some pics.

We begin our stroll here.

Milk thistle seed heads poke up from the dry grass along the trail.

The water district doesn't like people gettin' all up in their creeks and stuff.

The prolonged drought in California has led to an abundance of tinder-dry grasses.

The dry creek bed.

Sycamore seed pods are also known as space bugs.

Yellow star thistles are abundant on trail.

Ouchy.  No touchy.

A bee visits a yellow star thistle.

California poppy.

Fennel is an invasive non-native and is profuse here.

The trail.

Another look at the dry creek.

This dried thistle is like an exclamation point sticking up from the shadows.

Los Alamitos Creek briefly comes up to the surface at this point, a refreshing respite in the hot afternoon.

Decorative tiles adorn a flood control structure beside the trail.

A fallen oak leaf gives a hint of the coming autumn.

One last look back down the trail before we go home.

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