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Stevens Creek Trail, Cupertino

Stevens Creek Trail, Cupertino

On a blazing hot Saturday, with skies hazy from wild fires a few counties to the north, D. and I decided to walk part of the Stevens Creek Trail in Cupertino, between McClellan Ranch Preserve and Blackberry Farm Park, because it fit several criteria: 1) it was relatively close; 2) it was flat; 3) it had a paved surface; 4) it was mostly shaded; 5) we hadn't seen that part of the trail yet.  So we went, and I took some pics.

California buckwheat is one of several native species planted alongside the trail.

The trail winds around remnants of an old walnut orchard.

California wild rose, and rose hips.

We are reminded to Think Drought as we pass by the lush green bocce ball courts.

Goldenrod sways in the breeze near the banks of Stevens Creek.

Yarrow, and grasshopper on yarrow.

A quiet moment beside Stevens Creek.

Floofy seed heads of California asters are a reminded that summer is winding down.

Dry yarrow, a hint of autumn to come.

More rose hips.

The trail.

The windmill at Blackberry Farm Park.

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