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Overfelt Gardens

Overfelt Gardens

On Saturday D. and I went to Overfelt Gardens in San José, and I took some pics.

We begin in the California native plant section, where we see pepper tree berries turning red.

A turkey vulture soars overhead.

Due to the severe drought, the park's artificial ponds have been allowed to dry up.  In this one, just a damp swale remains behind.

The path through the native plant section.

We wander into the back of the Chinese Cultural Garden, a smaller park within Overfelt Gardens, where we see the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Pavilion.

Bust of Chiang Kai Shek inside the pavilion.

A dragon on the roof of the pavilion guards against evil.

Another look at the pavilion as we move along.

We next see the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, built of marble, bronze and mahogany, and whose ceramic tile roof weighs almost 20 tons.

Statues of a lioness and lion flanking the entrance to the hall symbolize the balanced nature of opposites, duties carried out thoughtfully and wisely, and a future of safety, peace and harmony.

Farther along we see the modest Plum Pavilion.

At an emptied reflecting pool is a huge statue of revered Chinese philosopher Confucius.

The Black Stone is a gift from San José's sister city of Tainan, Taiwan.  It is comprised of black marble and weighs more than 15 tons.

We exit through the grand gateway of the Chinese Cultural Garden back into the rest of the park.

Overfelt House, built in 1877, is representative of formal Italian Renaissance architecture.

Public art in the park: "Tierra Y Cielo," by Don Ajello.

Another one of the dried-up ponds in the park shows the cracked mud of its near-lifeless surface, waiting for the winter rains.

A dormant buckeye tree against a cloudy sky; summer is over.

A hint of autumn touches foliage in the parking lot.

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