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Sights around town

Sights Around Town: Edibles

The Santa Clara Valley, where I now live, used to be all orchards prior to WW II. Fruit trees swept in row upon row across the Valley. It once looked more like an expanse of snowdrifts because of the orchards white with blossoms. Here and there are still signs of this heritage, and I took some pics of them.

Apples ripening on the bough in someone's yard on the next block.

An artichoke in bloom in the senior community garden around the corner. You can see 2 more buds behind it.

An artichoke plant in someone's front yard. The big plant in the lower right is some kind of gourd. I wonder how many artichokes the people who live there get to enjoy for themselves, before the neighbors decide to partake of the conveniently located "locally-grown" produce? 

A lot of people who own fruit trees let the fruit fall on the ground. This yard is a mess with plums. They just lie there behind the fence and rot. It's a shame.

They also make a huge mess on the sidewalk.

Here's a grapefruit rotting on the ground in another yard. It's a real shame.

An enormous fig tree at the end of my street, as tall as the 2-storey house it stands next to. The fruit will be ripening soon.

An apricot orchard in the civic center of Los Altos, the next town to the west. These trees are the last vestige of the original orchards that once covered the valley before suburban and high-tech development swallowed it all up. Even though they are situated right next to the police station, go ahead and help yourself to the ones on the ground! 

English walnuts ripening on the bough up the block from my house. They look almost like limes but they are the greenish husk of the nut.

Here is a different kind of walnut, a California black walnut. They look like lemons, but they are the sticky, yellow-green husks of this variety of walnut. There are several of these trees along my street.

A row of corn growing along someone's driveway in front of their house.  The same house also seems to have a watermelon patch on their front lawn.

Here's some baby grapes ripening on a vine in someone's front yard a few blocks away.

These look just like blueberries.  I think they are elderberries, though.

Quince are fuzzy.  (Quinces?)

So, are you hungry yet? 


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